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I'm a recently retired Midwife living in rural Nottinghamshire with my husband . I have 2 grown up children (a Daughter and son,) and a grandson. Knitting and crochet have been a passion of mine since childhood - living in the country made other forms of entertainment hard to come by ! Now I find it very relaxing and rewarding, the choice of colours and textures available is just amazing.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Natural remedies for sensitive skin

I have been looking round Folksy for some remedies for problem skin, look what I found !

very kindly sent me a sample of her best selling 'Omnibalm ' which I tried out on my dry, flaky knitter's fingers - it was amazing ! I'll definitely be back for more ! I highly reccommend a trip to her shop, she's got some beautiful potions on offer, and as a qualified aromatherapist can offer advice on a multitude of products. I also bought my daughter some personalised body butter to rub into her 'baby bump' !'


  1. Hi sue...ooo that's definitely worth a look, with this prolonged winter my hands look like an 80 year olds!! thanks for the tip, Marice x.

    i'm not sure if a bit of your post is missing as i can't see that shop name?

  2. Funny you should choose this Folksy seller as I just found out via a converation we had on twitter that her son goes to the same high school I attended - small world!

    Congrats to your daughter and to you by the way - how exciting!